Film Production

Tanzania Drones for Good – Soil Mapping for Smallholder Farmers (Columbia University, African Soil Information Service 2015)

Nepal Citizen-Led Transparency in Disaster Relief (Columbia University, Accountability Lab 2015)

Jordan Refugee Youth Engagement with Peacebuilding (Columbia University, UNICEF 2015)

Lesotho HIV Prevention Among Young Men (Columbia University, Jhpiego 2015)

Television + Podcast Hosting

Nepal Education and Complexity in United States and Asia (Today’s Youth Asia 2015)

New York City/Sierra Leone Conversations from the Leading Edge: Applied Development Practice (Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity 2015)

Nepal Global Perspectives: Career Counseling Center (Today’s Youth Asia 2014)

Print Journalism

Cuba “Business Unusual: Letter from Havana” (Foreign Affairs April 2016) 

Nepal Learning Amid Complexity: Education for the Future We Want” (Himalayan Times February 2016) 

Participatory Photography 

Kenya Girls’ Perspectives on Education and Identity (Daraja Project, Outside the Lens 2010)

Tanzania Secondary Students’ Perspectives on Education + Leadership (Columbia University, Connect to Learn, Millennium Villages Project 2012)

New York City, Ethiopia, Uganda (KIOO Project 2016-19)